Central Australia Photographic Counsel 31 July to 7 August 2018 AUS $8995

Classic Landscapes of Central Australia - Alice Springs, Western MacDonnells, Uluru, Kata-Tjuta. With Peter Eastway & Tony Hewitt. Full Price $8995. Deposit for trip is:
$ 350.00

Central Australia Photographic Counsel 2018, 31 July to 7 August 2018, 9 days/8 nights – AUS$8995


There’s something incredibly special about Australia’s Red Centre. The rich red earth which permeates the landscape is sometimes thought to be a figment of the photographer’s imagination - until you experience it yourself.


But Australia’s Red Centre is more than just a photography paradise. It’s a spiritual space that once experienced you’ll remember forever. The massive rock of Uluru standing alone on a flat desert floor is indelibly impressive, but the round shapes of Kata-Tjuta, the jagged edges of the Western Macdonnalds and the sound of the wind through the desert oaks is what makes the Red Centre so special.


Join two of Australia’s leading landscape photographers, Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitt, for a special journey through their favourite Central Australian destinations. Gain insights into how they perceive and then interpret the landscape through cameras and post-production. Learn how to produce masterpieces yourself!




Our Central Australia accommodation is in clean and comfortable lodgings. While Alice Springs and Yulara are smart four-star accommodation, Glen Helen is a little more rustic as you’d expect, but the food and atmosphere is great!


Suffice to say, you will be very comfortable and the workshop includes:

• All accommodation

• Breakfast, lunch and dinner

• Transport from Alice Springs to Uluru and surrounds in a comfortable coach

• Helicopter ride for photography


Tony has also insisted that all tables have a bottle of red wine on them for evening meals as this is conducive to implausible photographic dissertations.




There is also the option of hiring a Phase One XF camera outfit for the duration of the workshop. A $995 fee covers the freight of the camera systems, customs clearances and insurances. Both Peter and Tony will be using their Phase One cameras and Bruce Pottinger will be available for technical help and assistance. Please contact us for further details - and please note, there is no requirement to use Phase One cameras on this workshop - it’s just an additional service that may appeal to some participants.



For further information contact Kim Valenti - kim@betterphotography.com or 02 4388 6851.

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